Perfect Cold Cutting Solution

Waterjet technology is a cold cutting process that cuts by using supersonic water, or water and abrasive, to erode material. Waterjet cutting utilises an ultra-high-pressure stream of water to carry an abrasive grit. To create a smooth finish, the abrasive carries out the cutting process using a sawing action. there are many advantages to using waterjet cutting technology. Virtually any material can be cut, Waterjet cutting is commonly used for fabricating machine parts and is the preferred process when materials are likely to be affected by the high temperatures required by other methods.

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Laser Cutting

High quality laser cutting up to 25mm Mild Steel, 20mm Stainless Steel and 20mm Aluminium.

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Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting maximum thickness: carbon steel 50 mm, stainless steel 50 mm.

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Water Jet Cutting

Cold cutting process that cuts by using supersonic water to erode virtually any material.

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Extra Services

End-to-end metal services provider: pressbrake, rolling, countersinking, tapping and more.

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